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We are Exlens – the photography company formed by a group of most talented wedding photographers in Bangalore. We are capable to redefine the concepts of wedding media creations with our talent and technically advanced photography devices and accessories. This is not a job for us, beyond that we are passionate to find the rare moments to make beautiful wedding pictures for our clients. We are sure that your search for the best photographers who could do the most excellent and creative services for you is ending here. This is the right destination which could meet the real professional and gifted wedding photographers in Bangalore.

Creating Love Stories with Candid Wedding Photography Bangalore

It’s tough task but Exlens is considering it as the most enjoyable job to find the natural moments from your marriage event. We do the ultimate candid wedding photography Bangalore for our precious clients. Our media experts are passionate to stumble on the excellent moments to add it in your wonderful photo book. We love our job and dedicated to give you incredible natural pictures without losing its feel. We are the right professionals for your candid photography Bangalore and we can only serve the stunning candid photographs for you. Exlens uses the latest and advanced photography devices with supporting accessories to capture the extraordinary candid pictures.

Making Love Story with Our Candid Wedding Cinematography

It is very common to cover the wedding event with a videographer. As per our vision it’s a very old concept and this is the time to go for candid wedding cinematography. Exlens will create a loving wedding film which could beat a cinema trailer. You can see some of our works within our wedding cinematography page. We have an excellent crew to make a candid wedding film. You can see and feel the entire marriage event whenever you wish. The speciality of our wedding videographer is, he will never miss the emotions and feelings which you had in that event.

Emotional Wedding Photographs for Deep Relations

Capturing your Wedding day as it’s happening

Yes, it’s a wonderful day in your life. We are starting it with a wonderful celebration. Exlens is there with you to facsimile and save the rare moments from your marriage event. Our team of wedding photographers and videographers are ready to capture the beautiful moments. Choosing Exlens will be a wise decision because our team is always very special in our services. Photography is not just a job for us, it’s a passion for us and our wedding photographers in Bangalore are eager to click the perfect shots in rare angles. Our presence will make it a complete wedding event.

Catch the Best Wedding Photography with Affordable Price

Yes, we mean it. You may have noticed that the people who do their promotions are charging higher than any others. But Exlens is offering the wedding photography and cinematography services with affordable rates. You can go to our packages page and choose whichever is suitable for your budget. We will never compromise with our quality and perfection in our candid wedding photography and film making services. Compromise is only with the photography rates we are charging from our valuable clients. The charges will be fit on your budget and you will get the real professional candid photography frames.

great Candid shot by top wedding photographers in Bangalore

Memorize your special day with Our Candid Photographs

Classic Wedding Cinematography

The wedding film team of Exlens is accomplished to create magical motion pictures with amazing visual effects without losing the natural touch of the event. Now a day’s wedding films are unavoidable in Indian weddings. Our experts will give you an excellent out-put like a feature film. And your wedding movies are made with a combination of love and relationships. We are dedicating this touching love story for a life time.

Our cinematographers have worked for some south Indian films, so you can expect that experience in your wedding cinematography. We wish to tell a beautiful story about your marriage. Creating unique wedding films are lives and we are enjoying it with you. We are doing frequent studies to create most beautiful videos for you, because it’s our life dream to deliver the best for our clients. We promise to handcraft a meaningful wedding film for you.

Pre Wedding & Post Wedding Shoots

We are really passionate to click the moments prior to your marriage and after your marriage. It is a great concept to meet the couple before the wedding, we are close to you to take some pleasing snaps which will tell you the story of earliest meeting in your life. We would like to take the couple to romantic locations near to your place. You will love those special pictures rest of your life.

A successful and devoted marriage needs a loving relationship, and couple need to fall in love each other many times. We have a hidden but a positive aim with our pre wedding and post wedding photographers in Bangalore. We are always praying for the long and happy married life of our clients. Exlens and it’s lovely snaps would like to become a motive for that. We are entitled to deliver memorable moments with our candid photography.

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The Masters of Candid Photography in Bangalore

A very creative and experienced photographer who could use the exposure for taking natural photographs, Exlens has such professional candid photographers with us. We are thinking differently from the traditional photography because we love natural images and motion pictures. People like that natural style and that is the secret behind the popularity of candid images. A good candid photographer can only make amazingly attractive pictures out of your marriage. And he can tell a romantic story with his pictures. His eyes and presence are everywhere and he will see everything which is rare in moments.

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