Exlens – The Excellent

Who are Exlens and what they are doing? We have a single word to explain about us, that is “Excellent”. Yes we mean it, with our name and our services. You can see and feel our passion towards creating mind blowing wedding images and films. It was last August, a team of professional photographers and cinematographers gathered in a place and planned for new venture where they can enjoy the freedom of creating imaginative out-puts for the elite class clients. It was a turning point, and there was the birth place of Exlens Medias, the future of the complete photography and cinematography.

It Took Birth from the Thoughts

A creative director, a media person, a photographer with a mission to capture natural pictures, everyone needs freedom in their work. If a photographer doesn’t enjoy his freedom of work, he will never make candid photographs, he will get some traditional pictures with no speciality. Of course the photographer will never enjoy his job, and sometimes he will plan to quit. A person who is passionate to give birth for historical images will never quit the job. He will try to find the next opportunity where he will get the freedom to create unequal media products.

The Excellent Photographers - Exlens

Wedding Ceremony of Hindu Phrotographed by Exlens Medias

A posse of media people who wish to enjoy the freedom started thinking about own project where they can direct and produce themselves. They gathered and light the new name “EXLENS” which could become the leader of wedding photography, wedding cinematography, ad films producer and all motion pictures. They have started planning with a long vision and they are starting here with just name. We hope the team will gather once again for the opening ceremony of the official studio and work station in March last week 2018. They trust each other and respect the skills to create beautiful stuff.

Studying the Present and Planning the Future

We saw a number of qualified as well as creative photographers and cinematographers in Bangalore. As a growing industry they are doing their duties perfectly. Exlens is thinking differently and our approach towards the requirement of the clients will be extremely different and unusually creative. We have went though the latest creations of leading photographers. It’s good but we were expecting something more from them. We think the current leaders are not exploiting the latest technologies and innovative ideas. This is the present level of wedding photographers and cinematographers in Bangalore city. So the future needs more qualified and pioneering media persons for the Bangalore city.

The future of wedding medias and visual medias will be determined by Exlens because we are going to be the next leaders in the industry. We are planning to hire more experts to develop the creative products for the future. Exlens is not going to limit our work of area within Bangalore, we are already planned to open our offices in the other leading cities in India. We know that we are still students in the world of creative medias and ideas but we are eager to learn a lot from the experience and from the technology developers across the world. Thanks a lot for going through the article which explaining about the leading path of success.

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