Exlens Wedding photography is in its budding stage but we strongly wish to grow to an advertising company in India. Our photographers, cinematographers and crew members have lots of experience by working for many television channels, ad agencies, royal wedding events and much more. As a start up we are not thinking to invite more investment to our company. But in the nearest future we will think big and do big like any leading advertising agencies in Bangalore. We need funding to take our services to the next level. We wish that the investors should be from the similar field so we can work together and grow easily.

We are not interested to communicate with a huge number of people regarding the business investment. We hope the interested people will definitely come to us. Of course we are a successful start up and we are growing to the best wedding photography crew in Bangalore with all technical devices. If you are a person looking for a good opportunity to invest in the most growing media related company in Bangalore, I must say this is the right opportunity to come to the main stream of media related services. And you can make a good return by investing an amount.


Are you an experienced and well known wedding photographer in Bangalore with an existing crew? Exlens is looking for such a team to make a tie-up. We are getting lots of opportunities but we couldn’t more than a single wedding work per day. If you are interested to go for a tie-up with us we can give you some of our works based on a profit sharing ratio. Before going for any agreement with Exlens wedding photography you have to convince us about your skills, experiences and quality of past works. Exlens is looking forward to meet the right team in the coming days.