The Good Photographer

The Good Photographer

Hello gentlemen, welcome to a spanking article posted by the team Exlens. We are thinking, eating, drinking and sleeping as professional photographers. And trying to learn the new techniques by referring the latest photography magazines and online articles. This article is trying to explain “who is a good photographer”. You may be thinking, it is an easiest question and the answer will be as simple as anything. A good photographer is a person who takes excellent photographs. A single line answer, but not enough to give a clear information to the reader. Let’s look into the subject very deeply to find the solid answer.

Skills and Abilities

We know some people who took photography as their profession but could not deliver the quality in their work. The reasons behind it they are not at all ready to follow the rules, not ready to learn the latest techniques and not at all ready to find the innovative ideas to capture future images. That means a good photographer has some skills and he is always searching for the factors which could make a good frame for his snaps. The right composition, perfect lighting, finest exposure, correct vision and attractive frames are the major factors those affecting the photography. The style of capturing the pictures and videos will change from person to person and every creation has its own style.

As per my experience every photographer should has the ability to grow the curiosity. The curiosity to find the perfect frame is one of the right skill which will make a good photographer. If a group of professional photographers targeting a single object, we will get a number of beautiful pictures in different angles and ideas. It is a combination of curiosity and creativity. “Curiosity” this is the first point which will make a best photographer. Using the source of light is an another way of creating optimum photographs. The light is the utmost significant aspect that deciding how the picture will be. A professional and experienced wedding photographer in Bangalore will be a specialist in using different light sources.

A good photographer know how to tell a story through the pictures. That means photography is an another way of telling the story very clearly with the help of photographs. Exlens medias is undertaking candid photography Bangalore, it is the way of telling a love story about a couple, some time a good photographer can tell the story without the face of the couple. The candid photographer will be completely prepared to take a picture. He will be roaming around to find the rarest moments which can make more colourful t the event. A good photographer is anticipating a excellent moment at the very next second or something new which he hasn’t seen in his life.

Top Wedding Photography

Top Wedding Photographer Speking with his snaps

A good moment will never exist a long time for you to pick your camera, focus and click. So a good photographer must be prepared to catch the right frame which will happen any time of the event. Working quickly and most efficiently will give you stunning photographs. This is an ability that should develop by every photographer who wish to become a professional in the same field. Missing a single picture will affect your satisfaction and the feel of complete professional photographer. It is better to develop a good relationship with the clients or whoever is coming in front of your camera. Wedding photographer should create a friendly atmosphere with the couple for more attractive frames.

Discipline, a cute and powerful word that will take you to the top of all professional photographers. If you have a smoking habit your mind will divert from your thoughts. And of course you will waste a major portion of your time on that. A professional and dedicated photographer will keep a nice way of discipline to become a successful and popular photographer. A deep knowledge about your device is an essential factor to create most attractive images and motion pictures. Bodies, lenses and brains, it keeps changing from one device to another. So keep studying about your photography device and accessories for utmost quality pictures.


We have described about five factors which are most necessary for the professional photographers and those who wish to become a professional cameraman in the nearest future. And you have to understand and practice the skills to develop it for more expertise in your profession. Photography is not just a job, it is a profession, life and a journey to the success. So understand the importance of each and every skill to use it for the future. The team Exlens is formed with a great artists cum experienced wedding photographers and cinematographers. And we are learning every day.

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